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indépendance financière

Discover what to do in order to be financial independent

First, you must take care of your money. You have to know how you spend it and why you spend. You’ll see, there are many things you buy that you don’t really need. Just learn how to recognize them.

Do you know how many cost your cell phone subscription ? How many you spend each year for your car, your food, your clothes …

You need to know all those little things to hope be financially independent. Just because it’s the first step you have to go through.


Doing this will allow you to save more and more money. And will allow you to build your security saving: an amount of money that you could use only if you have a big problem such as loose your job, car accident … You have to save an amount of money to live 6 month at least .

Only after that, you will be able to invest what you succeed to earn.

To know how and where invest your money, just read my blog, where i talk about my money, my points of view about money, about bank etc. and what i do everyday in order to be financially independant one day.

Unfortunatly my website is not in english but in french. That why i made a little dictionary to help you to have a good comprehension of my site if you are able to speak french a little bit. is a blog specializing in saving money and invest it where you’ll find :

  • How to be richer and have a better life
  • Understanding the stock exchange
  • What to do now in order to hope be financially independent
  • How to plan your travel to your financial independence


Translations english / french

Here are the translations (english – french) of the essential terms relating to financial independence and freedom in the blog.


Financial indépendence : Indépendance financière





Financial freedom : liberté financière

Saving Money : économiser de l’argent / épargner

Stock Exchange : bourse

Manage : gérer

Rich : riche

Invest : investir

Price : prix

Needs : nécessités


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